Disney WWII Propaganda: Der Fuehrer’s Face (1943)

With the 81st Academy Awards a month away, here’s an interesting (i.e. screwed up) piece of related cartoon history.

Walt Disney’s Der Fuehrer’s Face won an Oscar for “Best Short Subject, Cartoon” in 1943. Between ’42 – ’44 the studio produced several Army propaganda shorts starring Donald Duck, with this one remaining particularly notorious. In 1994, it was selected as one of the 50 Greatest Cartoons.

I first saw this in college, during an Art History class. It’s a little fucked up. Appropriately antiquated, bizarre, offensive, and hilarious: it’s a definite must-see, if you’re into this sort of thing*.

Props to this Cracked.com article [+/- NSFW] for writing about this cartoon and reminding me about it (and for compiling some pretty great lists in general).

*I’m not big on endorsing Disney, but you can Netflix/acquire/purchase this cartoon as it appears on Disc One of Walt Disney on the Front Lines.


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